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Hi Battara

Don't know how I missed this Thread earlier. I don't recall ever seeing a more beautiful Teppo Matchlock as this one. An absolute screamer. The harmony of the decoration is incredable. The brass lock has taken on a wonderful age patina. And the barrel: Imagine how long it would have taken to forge this barrel and chisil the muzzle end. Incredible. There is probably some Japanese writing/signature on the breech end of the barrel. Unfortunately, it's usually located on one of the lower flats of the barrel covered up by the stock. The barrel would have to be removed to read the script. But on this gun, I would be hesitant to remove anything. LOL Wish it was on it's way to my house. LOL
Thanks for posting this beauty.

Hi Corrado: How Cute !! I believe that's the smallest one I've ever seen. LOL
Really tiny. The wood stock, from the photos, looks to be old. I remember reading somewhere that these very small pistols were not actually made for use, but suspended from a waist belt as a sign of rank/stature. But a Japanese arms expert would be better to verify this. Very cool. Nice piece for your collection.

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