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Hi Mike,

this thread certanly gets around!

Thats a currently made kukri for sale to tourist in Nepal & available for export, for about $150 to $250, including shipping, depending on which of the 3 main firms make it, & how good a deal you get on the ingraving.{They ingrave any kukri you want.}

The real ones used for beheading buffalo in Nepal are much smaller & lighter than that. & are not coverd in trinkets to catch a westerners eye! Talk about reversing the "beads for the natives" syndrome!

Last perfect one in the same style as the one you show, but with only a 30 inch blade, I saw sell on ebay last year for 36.

A collecter would only want one if they want an example of the largest modern tourist kukri made today. But at the price you friend payed , he best keep it as a lesson to research a subject before waisting his money.

Still it might be best not to tell him hes been ripped off? just tell him to put it on the wall & enjoy looking at it.

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