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Hi PClemente,

Now this ia finely elaborated spanner meant for two different sizes of pinion square section, which in all probability were wheel axe and the top jaw screw of the wheellock dog, for fastening the pyrites.

This I would date to the 1580's, possibly of North Italian origin. I cannot clearly see it in the photos but the tip might be carved with an acorn and should also have a flattened section acting as a turnscrew.

I am not sure about the function of the large ring which seems to be equipped with some kind of needle - possibly a sundial? Please check this and post more images!

Attached find a similar spanner, the ring section filled with fine tracery in the manner the 'Venetian' keys were made; this feature, too, accounts for my assigned date of ca. 1550-80.

Best wishes in return,
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