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Hullo everybody!
Just thought I'd drop the following three examples (with a little more data).
It's posted as is, merely for sharing only.
Info may be of use ..... otherwise: ".....nothing to see here .....".

From L-R:

. Doehoeng SINGGORA (=pale/foreign lion; named after the Turco-Mongol warrior who founded the city/state)

Name: Datoe Mogel.
Desc: Doehoeng Borodjol Lempeng SINGGORA .
Tags: Cenok , Chenok , Chenuk , Choteng , Coteng , Singgora , Singora , Songkhla .
Char: -
Blade: LxOALxWxT=24.5x29x5.33x0.95cm.
Wt: 75g.
Handle: White-metal Jaksa(=benevolent spirit; handle symbolises human-spirit partnership) Ardatjandrakapida(=spear-of-mastery-over-celestial-beings) TJAWSTEUNG(=canal-people).
Sheath: Wood Majang Golekan SINGGORA w/ white-metal bands/ftgs.

. Doehoeng PATANI (=pavilion; named after the pavilion built for the ruler who reached the coast to found a new city/state)

Name: Radja Pelangi
Desc: Doehoeng Sampana Tjotjodot Sari Ngahateup Lempeng 18thC. PATANI .
Tags: Pattani , Tajong , Tajung .
Char: Kembang-katjang, Djanoer-rai, Oepih-moetjoek, Lempeng .
Blade: LxOALxWxT=39.5x45x8.42x1.22cm.
Handle: Wood Jaksa Birawi(=destructive-wind) TANDJOENG PATANI(=Patani-cape), swasa nose, ruby eyes w/ white-metal collar.
Sheath: Wood Majang Golekan PATANI w/ ivory chape.

. Doehoeng Pandjang MALAKA

: Hang Toeah
Desc: Doehoeng Pandjang Tilamsari Lempeng MALAKA c1900 .
Tags: Execution , Executioner , Penyalang , Salang .
Char: Oepih , Lempeng .
Blade: LxOALxWxT=51x57x7.05x1.24cm.
Wt: 325g.
Handle: White-metal Jaksa Soetjimoesti (=unstoppable-fist).
Sheath: Wood Djongan w/ white-metal embossed-oversheath.

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