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Originally Posted by fernando
No affront Jim but, perhaps Wayne finds that his office walls are too few and to good to hang such a 'nice looking' dud. But take no wrong interpretation from my crude words . It is just that we all human dudes are susceptible to behave differently; i just become deeply frustrated when i am scammed. In my peculiar character, when i acquire something that ends up being a fake, i either return it (often a hard or unfeasible task), or offer it to some non-collector, after telling him such is a dud, or throw it in the garbage bag, which i did one ... or twice.

None taken and actually I agree somewhat, and when I have gotten 'royally fleeced'..I admit I did not take it calmly....but after exhausting whatever resolution or remedy I tried was time to just classify the matter into 'lesson learned' ( and I got the scars to prove it!).

I have known many guys who kept these 'misteakes' in a kind of 'hall of shame'. ...and as Wayne has generously with this one, standing as a 'lesson learned' for others. Personally I have always believed that the knowledge and experiences shared here are to help those who are either in 'the game' or just beginning, and hopefully better their chances.
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