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Default Portugese cup hilt?

Just acquired this sword, should be with me next week, Vendor called it 'Unknown', But I remembered a very similar sword Fernando posted HERE

Sword is roughly 1 metre long, the blade is 82 cm. Cup appears to be held onto the guard by two screws or rivets (what little i can see I suspect rivets) - will know which on arrival, the tail end appears to be tabbed and peened into a slot in the knuckle bow as does Fernando's. The knuckle bow - crossguard join appears to have been repaired.

The blade appears to have some indistinct marks on the fairly long ricasso area and may have some well-worn decoration along the blade. Looks quite sharp and pointy Possibly a slightly rougher version of fernando's, more towards the end of their useage period?

Any suggestions on age? Is it Portugese or other? maybe an oldish victorian fake?
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