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Originally Posted by Sajen
Hi Jeff,

Would agree with Kai, look like you have got a nice Achang HuSa dao!


Very cool sword. Do I understand correctly that Robert did the silver restoration work on the scabbard?

Originally Posted by Ian
Hi Jeff,

While the maker of this blade is most likely from Yunnan, the customer was probably some distance from the HuSa homeland. There are Achang living in northern Burma/Assam. These long-bladed, straight, square-ended dha/dao are most commonly found in Assam and north-west Yunnan. The most common group in Yunnan to use this type pf sword are the Lisu (who are related ethnically to the Kachin). Scabbards are typically open-faced, and the toe projects well beyond the end of the blade.

You have found a nice example. The hilt looks to be Shan in style, and there is a close relationship between the Shan and Achang in south-western Yunnan.


Thanks Ian. Great info.
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