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Originally Posted by CharlesS
I know ball pommel krisses are not popular with some Moro collectors, but I really like them.

This is another one with a lovely wood grain(matching its scabbard). The blade is rather typical pattern welding with tempered edges. The hilt is fully dressed in silver alloy bands and woven wire, the bands with heavy copper content.

Note the unique flaring of the last piece of the grip towards the pommel. I have wondered if the pommel represents an opening flower with the flared silver its sepal and the ball pommel its unopened pedals and with the "nipple" on the pommel cap its stigma. ...just a thought.

You have a gorgeous piece crafted by a highly meticulous artisan. Just makes me wonder how much time went into its creation and refinement. Definitely a testament to Bangsamoro skill, creativity, and ingenuity.
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