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Default 16th Century German Sword

Hey Gents,
I just acquired a German side sword circa 1580 and wanted some opinions.
The blade is approximately 30” long bearing “IHS” on one side and “MARIA” on the other side. The hilt is pretty sound and solid featuring swept quillions and the original wooden grip. Overall I think a nice example. My one hesitation is that there seems a very old break at the base of the downward quillion where it appears there was another “extension.” In closer examination it seems the damage was during the sword’s working life as the patina and wear over the “break” is consistent with the rest of the sword.
So what do you think overall about this damage?
Does it compromise the sword or is it just wear and tear from a 400 year old weapon? The hilt appears to be one solid piece but is a chance of later repair?

Thanks for any input!
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