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I hesitate to group mine in with 15th century halberds. On the other hand, very little attention is given to peasant weapons, so examples would be rare.

We do regularly see similar blade shapes show up for sale, but we can’t trust their descriptions on EBay or other websites.

I have attached a few examples from the Internet, and one from the Higgins Armory. These types are usually associated with 16th-18th century France, Italy, and Scotland.

Because there is are so many “possible” explanations from my item, I think the inscription is the only key to information, and the back spike is just a hint or clue toward age.

Photos: Red: reportedly Scottish 18th c. Black, no info. Group photo: Higgins Armory

The example from Higgins was eventually auctioned off as being 19th century in the style of the 16th century.
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