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[font=&quot]Interesting subject you raise Gene. You are right, this is about giving the weapons more dynamic power, and the links you give, show that this has been very important for thousands of years. This shows, that people in ancient times did know a lot about dynamics, although they did not know the formulas. When throwing a javelin or a light spear, it is important that you Ďarmí is long, and here the Atlatl helped a lot, as the longer the Ďarmí the more power you could put behind the throw. Interesting also to see that they adapted the length of the Atlatl to the surroundings, but what I find really intriguing is the use of Banner Stones, as I did not know such stones were used. I wonder how they figured out that the use of Banner Stones would make the use of the Atlatl more silent. [/font]
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