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Thank you for your detailed response Alan. I believe that you need to write that 10,000 word treatise and publish it in every sector of the keris collecting world. Not that it would make much difference i suppose. Times change and attitudes and ideas change with them i suppose.
Still, as i read through your response it was clear to me that it contains very little that you or others have not made clear in this forum many times over the years. Yet somehow it seems that it is information that still needs to be repeated again and again as more and more new collectors come into the keris world and latch onto these newer interpretations of the meaning of tangguh, its limitations and intents and purposes. Perhaps it is futile to resist these changes of definition and application and my attitudes about this are hopelessly idealistic, but i fear that as the keris collecting world continues to "evolve" we are in danger of losing certain essential "truths" about the keris through the institutionalization of the latest tends and ideas.
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