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Default Curuk Aul....

And many other specimens.... You may look at them, if you visit the museum in the centre of Sumedang. Former palace of Geusan Ulun, the last king of Sumedang -- before degraded to "kabupaten" (lower than kingdom) in the Mataram Era....

One of the most interesting heirlooms were, pusakas from Pajajaran kingdom, before Pajajaran kingdom was destroyed by Banten kingdom. These pusaka were brought to Sumedang by special envoy from Pajajaran called as "Kandaga Lante" or envoy who brought pusaka from Pajajaran.

The form of the pusakas from Pajajaran are very interesting, combination between "golok" and keris. They call their pusaka as "Curuk Aul" or "Forefinger Ghost"....

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