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Originally Posted by ganjawulung
Dear Detlef,

Cirebon keris with an old "pulungan" hilt, demon-like creature... Is this kris still in Cirebon? I think it is cirebon ladrang sheath of (probably) old chatoyant "trembalo" wood, but repolished...


Dear Ganja,

yes, this hilt form is very similar to the jawa deman hilts from Sumatra, and no, this one is here in Germany. My other one is on Bali by my family.
And yes, I also think that it is trembalo wood. The sheath was black when I get it, maybe because there is an old repair in down at the tip of the gandar. A part of bapangan (back leaf of the warangka) was broken by the transport to Germany so the complete sarung is restored and has get some coats shellac. Good eye!

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