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Dear Pak Ganja,

I wonder, if it is an outdated opinion, why still this opinion reprinted? I got the 17th reprint (1998), maybe with the same opinion as the first print...

I don't have any of the reprints but I'm pretty sure that not a single bit got updated from any of the authors. The decision to reprint something (or to issue a collection of papers on a given topic from a journal) often rests solely with the publishing house/society. As such, it just reflects a (perceived) demand from buyers rather than any scientific merit. These papers have been widey cited since they are among the few studies on keris published in any western language, at least as of 10 years ago. Things are changing slowly due to enhanced international communication, especially via the Internet.

However, there's still a load of keris studies which I eagerly await getting translated into English...

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