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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
Your use of the phrase "stand point" confuses me. I do not know exactly what you mean here. Rather than have me guess, could you please put this thought in another way?.

Thanks a lot Alan. I've learned quite a lot from your short explanation you just gave me. About time frame. What I want to say was, probably the method of comparing things. Comparing "keris sajen" (I'm sorry, I don't use the "Keris Majapahit" term -- both in capital first letter -- for a very small keris that we know as "keris sajen" or "seking"). Comparing "keris sajen" (non-weapon) from Indonesia with kind of real kerises (weapon) from outside Indonesia? Am I wrong, if I am thinking: it is like comparing toy-guns with real guns? Comparing small kerises which usually for ceremony purpose and not for weapon, with real weapon. Or, say it in sports term: "put in combat between street boxer with professionel boxer"... Was it fair? (See also, comparison pictures of GC Woolley in page 114)

Majapahit -- in the mind of any Indonesian -- is a period of good kerises, good empus. Why, using as such a peiorating term of big empire in the past for expressing name of not a real kind of keris?

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