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Originally Posted by Ian
Hello ashkenaz,

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Interesting question that you pose. I don't use my antique weapons to do any heavy cutting. I don't want to damage them. However, I have tried a number of WWII-era and later blades on various cutting chores and they perform well. Hardening of the steel edge is variable but I have not found any failures/breakages yet.

Are you referring to some of the modern reproductions perhaps? I view these as largely decorative.


Eee... no, speaking strictly of historical blades.

There's a narrative going on around that the only effective Filipino blades are almost exclusively, if not literally exclusively, Moro blades.

It's been popping in and out on some websites by a few users.

""Notice how most of the good weapons from the Philippines are all Moro made""

""lmao Filipinos wish they could be as accomplished as the Moros in making swords and weapons. Its been reported that Filipino made weapons have always been inferior to Moro made weapons. Filipinos made soft iron weapons that broke and dented after a few times of use. Even aztec weapons are better than that.""

There are a few users I've seen on a few comment sections convinced by this. As someone who has also himself witnessed beforehand, well made antique Filipino blades, I highly doubt these claims myself, if I lack the justification to refute this, there could be a massive spread of misinformation that no one will be able to control for a while.
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