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Hi Guys,
Here are some photos of the knife. I'm not sure what to make of it, is it a vintage tourist item, is it a poorer mans knife ???? It is sharp, 8 inches overall with a blade of 5 inches, quite small I would have thought although one site I did find said that blade sizes varied from 3 inches to 20 inches. It would appear to have been sharpened on many occasions whether this conveys anything or not I don't know. The handle might be bone although it may be a tusk/tooth of some description again I'm not sure. Sorry to be so vague but it is outwith my sphere of knowledge coupled with that I seemed to have difficulty getting decent photos for some reason. The inlay looks pretty well done but file marks are evident all over the blade although this may be due in part to numerous sharpenings. As you may gather from David's ( Katana ) post I did not push the boat out with regard to price, to be truthful I paid a little less than one U.S. dollar, less than one Euro, so whatever the outcome I am pleased to have a pretty little knife to keep the others company. Oh a translation of the script would be nice if someone could oblige. Many thanks for your interest.
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