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Default Khanjars?

Very interesting pictures , very clear photos... I expect they cleaned up nicely. In Oman they use a brass wire brush to take off the silver oxide.. I find toothpaste works wonders too. Hmm... On the right I reckon Indian but certainly not Omani. I can hardly believe the hilt is Ziraff(Rhino) I would have expected to see some translucence in the edges but it looks like bull horn or possibly wood. Normally Rhino would be the choice on a stunning and very tasty weapon... perhaps its a lesser horn... but I might be wrong!
The laft dagger is Omani but... look at the dagger as I think its a missmatch as the silver pattern isnt the same and the base of the dagger looks slightly too narrow ... It would not be unusual by the way as many a dagger is switched to a different scabbard .. Its almost a national sport! Ive seen a few brass or possibly gilded wire stitchings below the belt section but only probably 2 or 3 in 30 years of collecting Khanjars here... Usually its silver wire. I would say its from the Oman Coast as its a "fully stitched" below the belt "4 ringer". Great pictures and thanks for displaying ... I have a new camera and must add some myself...
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