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Default My book "Edged Weapons of Afghanistan: 19th-early 20th c." (2019)

Dear forum participants. My book "Edged Weapons of Afghanistan: 19th-early 20th c." (2019) is published.

My book can be purchased at Atlant Publishing House. This publishing house has been publishing books on weapons and armor for many years. Among the authors whose books they published: Gorelik M.V. "WEAPONRY OF ANCIENT ORIENT" ,Astvatzaturyan E.G. "Weapons of the Caucasus" and "Turkish weapon", Anisimova M. "WEAPONS OF THE ORIENT", Kulinskii A.N. "THE HOUSE OF ROMANOVSí ARMS RELIQUAE", Kwasniewicz W. "POLISH SABRES".
Atlant Publishing House has a very serious approach to the selection of authors and a scientific editorial board, which decides to accept or reject the manuscript of the author.

So, my book can be purchased either directly on the publisherís website at a price of 120 euros, including worldwide shipping:

Or I can personally send a book with my autograph. A book will cost 70 euros + EMC shipping. The last time I sent my books to Spain and the USA, the shipping cost for EMC was around 40 euros. Total 70 + 40 = 110 euros.
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