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Default Twin Dha Translation Requested

Hi All,

I picked up these two dha a few months ago. The seller described them as "plain Jane" but I think that they are quite nice. The longer sword has a 20.75" blade and an 8.25" hilt. The shorter sword has a 20.25" blade with a 7.75" hilt. All hardware is brass. Both hilts have a thin brass washer between the blade and the hilt. The longer sword also has a brass washer at the end of the butt cap. The shorter sword probably had one also but, if it were there originally, it is now missing and there is no ghost. The brass chape on the end of the shorter sword's sheath is also missing but its ghost is plainly visible. The shorter sheath measures 20.5" while the longer one is just shy of 21.75". Both sheaths are bound with vegetative matter. The spines of both blades have flat decorative panels which contain brass inserts and inscriptions. Curiously, the panel on the longer blade only measures about 6.5" long and has only 3 brass inserts while the shorter blade's panel is 7.5" long and has 4 brass inserts. There are 2 inscriptions on the longer blade but only 1 on the shorter blade. They appear to be Burmese. I have provided clear photos of both. Does anyone want to have a go? Both blades have peaked spines after the flat section ends and both blades have negligible distal taper across the flats. Given the similarity between both blades, their rather unadorned nature, and the presence of the inscriptions, I suspect that the swords are military issue. Does anyone have any ideal about age?

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