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Originally Posted by blindside
When you get it (assuming I read this right) I am very curious about its balance or if the blade used a more extreme distal taper than normal to pull back its balance point to something reasonable.

Yesterday the Tenegre arrived and it is very impressive.

The blade without the hilt is 68.5cm or 27" long and with 1060 grams very heavy. The thicknes at the handguard is 8mm and at the point 4mm.
The width at the handguard is 2cm and 5.5cm at the widest point.

The point of balance is around 24cm away from the handguard. Together with the weight of 1060 grams and without a compensating pommel this leads to a very heavy feeling. This is a blade designed for one decisive blow.
The cutting edge is still extremely sharp, this sword is able destroy everything, smaller swords, spears, shields and their owners.
The cutting edge is full of tiny damages and some deeper nicks caused by other swords.
The forging pattern looks very promising. As far as I can see now, it is a very fine laminated sword with a beautiful pattern.
The owner of this sword must had been very strong and tall, otherwise this sword cannot be controlled.

The head became almost black after oiling. With its fresh polished silver eyes the head looks almost hypnotic. This is a nice application of psychological war fare. The head with its glowing eyes will attract the opponents concentration at least a little bit, since the brain is "programed" to recognize human faces. In my opinion the monster head is a mixture of a human head and a snake, probably a cobra.

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