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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
... I would most gently suggest that here we have a golden opportunity for a committed student of SE Asian edged weaponry to establish some sort of reputation for himself. Of course, he would need to first learn conversational Bahasa Indonesia as a bare minimum, and then be prepared to carry out the necessary field research , but I am certain the rewards from this endeavour would be immense.

When I learn of the correct origin, and the correct name, I might begin to use that name if it differs from the one I presently use. But then we still might have a problem, because in Jawa and Bali, names for the same artefact can change when you move from one side of the street to the other. It might be similar in Sumatra.

Dear Alan,

You are in direct contact with the culture where these weapons originate.
Which sounds as a pré. But how embedded in todays culture are these weapons ? Are people in Indonesia wearing beladau / jambiyo type daggers nowadays ? If not, how much value can you give to the name someone today will give to a dagger that dates from 100 years back ?

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