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Post Tiger's *tooth*, anyone?

Hello Leif,

You pretty much nailed it already!

Your blade is genuine and most likely from the 19th century. It's a dagger type which hasn't been well documented and I believe we don't know its local name yet. Until we can ascertain a local name I have pegged this type as NN03 (NN for nomen nudum, i. e. without name) in my collection.

Hilt and pommel can be quite variable with this rare blade type - a feature also seen with other blades from the central Sumatran highlands; some of them exhibit typical sekin pommels (the nose on your example seems to be a modern repair though as is the replaced scabbard). Antique scabbards seem to support an origin from the Padang highlands (most likely diffusing from there into Minang-influenced neighbouring regions).

The single Lampung blade for which Michael obtained the name kuku rimau is quite different from these dagger-like blades with pronounced central rib. A tiger's *claw* is heavily curved and sharp at the tip and on the concave side - very much like the blades we know as korambi/kerambit/lawi ayam; this seems to correspond with contemporary Malay usage of this name, too. Thus, my preference to stay with NN03 for the time being...

BTW, your blade is on the slender side for this type: What are its dimensions (length, thickness, width, weight)?

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