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Default A Sumatran... something?

Hello All,

I recently acquired this Sumatran(?) knife, and it kind of confuses me. Both Zonneveld and the forum archives have yet to direct me to something that looks like this. The seller (who seems surprisingly knowledgeable) refereed to it as a sekin or perhaps a rencong, but I have yet to see an example that resembles mine. The blade and horn ferrule from this kuku rimau from the archives looks close, but the hilt and scabbard of mine are totally different, though the hilt of mind does look like it may have been modified.

I'm attaching the seller's photos, which are, until I get a chance to take better photos, better than mine.

Edit: I am removing the sellers photos. I will update with my own in the near future.

Any thoughts? The seller estimated 1900-1940 for age.

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