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Originally Posted by Philip
I wonder if any dhas did manage to make their way to the Philippines in the course of trade, piracy, or military adventures prior to the 20th cent.? Reason I ask is that in the History Museum in Hanoi, I saw a display of many edged and staff weapons from the period of the earliest organized Vietnamese resistance to French rule -- the end of the 19th cent. to the turn of the 20th. Mostly traditional Viet peasant knives and spears, a few Chinese falchions and tridents, but there were also one or two Philippine goloks in the mix. The museum in Saigon had a small assortment of Thai weapons purportedly taken by Vietnamese troops in a victory over Thai forces in the early 1800s. So this stuff did get passed hand-to-hand across borders. I also read somewhere that the French hired a number of Filipino mercenaries to serve as auxiliary troops in a campaign to take Da Nang during the first half of the 19th cent.

the frnech spanish and portugese recruited people form whait is now indonesia and the phillipines for their activities in indochina..
add that to the fact the taditionally the malayan people from java and their relatives held sway ove rthe oceans of asia untill the arrival of europeas.. (the bay manilla being on being a vassal of the malays in burnei who were in turn in the past comming fomr java in pre islamic times..) the fact that thai, chinese vietnamese ect has many malayo-polinesian words.. the fact that thai rules have many articles of Malayan attire. and in the past wore malay kris and badek knives.. ect.. fact that ther eis krist knives from vietnam of a specific style typically with metal handles.

its just somethign peopel have forgotten in the last few centuaries but in the hindu period of asia the ocient was totally dominated by the malayan people not just in thier own lands but what we now call china the southern part of this coast .. thailand and parts of burma.. even celon ect..
these people traveled very far from their homelands to trade and at the time operated quite sophisticated states trade based

so although these networks were on a rapid decline when europeans began their trading in these regions i have no doubt that sea going people still traded and had contact with various ports to sell and buy goods..

i was reading an article that speculated that malayian traders were the ones that brought elephantiasis to korea in the medieval period as it is a tropical disease but strangely so common to korea.
they got around a you can see by the people in madagascar. or invasion of celon...

so i find it not at all surprising that their weapons may be present in vietnam..

im quite sure if you look in a sri lankan museum you would see examples as well
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