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I wonder if any dhas did manage to make their way to the Philippines in the course of trade, piracy, or military adventures prior to the 20th cent.? Reason I ask is that in the History Museum in Hanoi, I saw a display of many edged and staff weapons from the period of the earliest organized Vietnamese resistance to French rule -- the end of the 19th cent. to the turn of the 20th. Mostly traditional Viet peasant knives and spears, a few Chinese falchions and tridents, but there were also one or two Philippine goloks in the mix. The museum in Saigon had a small assortment of Thai weapons purportedly taken by Vietnamese troops in a victory over Thai forces in the early 1800s. So this stuff did get passed hand-to-hand across borders. I also read somewhere that the French hired a number of Filipino mercenaries to serve as auxiliary troops in a campaign to take Da Nang during the first half of the 19th cent.
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