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Good shot Norman .

What i read in the time ...
Most likely, the Colt Double Action revolver of 1877 was a response to the introduction of the Webley Bulldog pistol in 1872, which was already being imported into the U.S. by late 1873... It was well received in the U.S. because it was well made, reliable, concealable, and relatively cheap compared to a Colt or a Smith & Wesson, plus it was “self-cocking, ...In January of 1877 Colt’s offered their .38 S.A. for $15. For that money you could buy three Webley Bulldog revolvers.
And down below, the same article/author that hailed the Webley quality & reliability ...
The quality of manufacture of the Colt was far beyond that of the Webley, and indeed was better than that of most other guns made anywhere in the world at the time.
My question: how can you trust what you read ? .
On the other hand, judging by what we read out there, it appears that all gun men had pistols of all sorts .
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