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Pukka Bundook
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Good morning Michael.

Your excavated lock looks wonderful now. the 'before' pic. looks like it was about ready for the junk pile!
Brilliant job in saving the 'life' of such an early and rare lock!

The wall gun by Peter Hofkircher has some very interesting details.
Can you tell me why the short lock-plate, with spring nailed to the stock,...when locks were being made with all parts mounted on the plate before this date? Economy measure?

What calibre would such a wall-gun be?
The off-set ramrod hole makes sense, but is it not rare for a wall-gun to be fitted with a ramrod?
I thought I knew a little bit about matchlocks, but the more I learn, the less I know!

I also note the use of limewood, It appears to have been rather common for stocks at this time.
What characteristics does limewood posess, to make it desirable for gunstocks?
Is it very resistant to splitting like beech, or some other property?

I find it fascinating that limewood will still give off its aroma after 450 years!

looking at the row of wall-guns, the butt-stocks look as varied as can be! it would appear that the artist was coming out in the men who did the stocking.
Those with a very narrow butt-stock would be I think, rather painful to fire,...except for the wall hook.

You do give me much to ponder!...

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