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Pukka Bundook
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Very fine photographs again!

Comparing your piece to the one at the GNM, I would say yours has had a much better life, and is very preferable!

It appears that the GNM piece stood on the floor for decades, and the heel of the butt-stock rotted away, and wood beetle attacked it rather badly.
It is a shame it was cleaned with acid, and had new screws made with no attempt to age them a little, to look like they belong.
Still, it is a Very nice barrel, with unique decoration.

The barrel from Innsbruck is exceptional! The rather ratty stock is a dis-service in my opinion. It does deserve being stocked up in something better.

I have noticed the muzzle crowning of this type on a couple of yours, Michael.
Does it serve a purpose?....or is it just decoration?
I could imagine a sort of false muzzle fitting over this, with a tapered bore to help in loading.
I gather none of these pieces were designed to be held against the shoulder?

Thank you again for the pictures!

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