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Default dear david

Originally Posted by David
Interesting examples.
I don't think i would qualify the second example as Bugis. I do not see classic elements of Bugis construction or style in that one. What about this keris identifies this keris as Bugis for you. It also seems like a rather new creation that follows a more modern expression of artistic keris styles rather than adhering to any particular traditional "pakem".

how are you david,
that is kris bugis, many who do not know kris bugis, most people equate it with javanese kris, but many things that make it much different than javanese kris, as I described above, that many pakem' or ricikan kris bugis that many people do not know , especially those in europe, in bugis own land many variants of kris bugis that rarely published or even not shown to others because in bugis land still strongly believe in the mystical things that exist and is contained in a keris or other heirloom.
Perhaps friends here never heard of a kingdom named luwu kerajan that exist in the land bugis, the beginning of the establishment of kingdom luwu, coinciding with the birth of metallurgical culture, especially the use of iron for weapons heirlooms and so forth .. where one of the iron which is considered magical and most sought after is Luwu iron (Ussu iron).
there are several versions of it, such as .konon kris making or weapons in that era is a kind of guns berpamor, which one of them is Ussu iron from Luwu which contain lots of meteorite and nickel, so that Luwu iron (ussu) become material the main prestige of making in the manufacture of kris, in the book Encyclopedia Keris mentioned that the iron Luwu market known as Bessi Pamorro, until the year 1920 is still found in the market of Salatiga with perkilo price equivalent to 50 kg of rice

best regrads

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