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Originally Posted by spiral
Nice example Stan!

Cheers Gene for your confidence, Luckily I know the answear although not truly my field!

so chaps heres what there not...

Thats not Thai. Not Hindu not Buddhist thats not a swastika there not Nepali there not Indian.

There Roman Cathlic from the Pacific ocean.

Its a Chamorro knife from Guam.

N2S an American kukri collector & forumite on IKRHS & Bladeforums has a few of them.

Heres some of his from his website. {sorry mods its a hotlink, havent got rights to steal & post here.} {Hes a great chap though I am sure he wont mind.}

Looks a good old one to me....There many subtelties in varients though.


LOL, how weird! I was completely wrong but you were still the right man for the ID!
I knew you'd have a photographic memory of anything even remotely Kukri-esq!
Good catch mate.
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