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Originally Posted by thinreadline
It wont be British as it is stamped 'STERLING' . British and Irish sterling silver is always hallmarked with town of assaying , makers initials and date of manufacture ( indicated by a letter ) . 'STERLING' is required to be stamped on foreign made silver objects imported into the United Kingdom to indicate they are at least 0.925 silver . Many countries have adopted the British Sterling standard for silver purity .. the USA did so as early as the 1860s and so stamp their items accordingly . Mexico was another country that adopted the British standard and nowadays it is a widespread mark of quality.

Thank you very much! So it isn't Britsh. So my question is given to others, any idea of the origin?
I don't have the dagger in my hands yet but think that the handle is hollow when I look to the picture where is shown the top of the handle. I've bought it in the States so it could be that it was manufactured in the States.
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