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Khudyakov since then wrote two brochures, which incorporate the given article- Weapons of Central Asia in middle ages (end in XIth century) and Weapons of Central Asia, late middle ages (a.k.a. mongol period). What can I say - phenomenal reviews. I have both, in electronic format. Then there is Derevjanko "To the question of arms of Mohe warrior", Ivanov "Arms of middle age nomads of southern Urals and ...", Pletneva "Ancient Russia - city, castle, village", Komar and Suhobokov "Weapons and military of Khazar Kaganate", Kaminsky 3 part review articles "Alanic weapons ...", and so on and so on, including dozens of Ph.D.

Philip, let's change - I have all of the stuff above and much more in electronics, tell me what you need I can even help translate. But I don't have this:

W. Arendt, "Tuerkische Saebel aus den VIII-IX. Jahrhunderts", ARCHAEOLOGICA HUNGARICA 16, (1935). A very rare publication, I searched bookstores all over Budapest with no luck, I found a copy in the library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Anatolij Kirpicnikov, "Der sogenante Saebel Karls des Grossen", GLADIUS 10 (1972)
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