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The so-called " Revival swords" are, IMHO, not real weapons, but rather ceremonial wall-hangers. They were made at the era when even Iranian military was feverishly rearranging itself to resemble the Western pattern. Imported blades and even locally-made blades of European construction were mounted on purely European-type handles. The Revival blades are by and large far too thin for real use, and the emergence of firearms was rapidly making even the quality blades obsolete. The profusion of cheap acid-etched decorations reminds one of similar Sudanese Kaskaras and I would not be surprised if the Iranians actually manufactured those as well, as a mass export to the less technologically-advanced natives.

And, of course, the backyard souvenir industry,- kula-khud, shield and one bazuband,- for the European visitors must have manufactured swords as well. Something to hang in the pub or on the wall of the drawing room. There were, of course, higher quality items, but even now one can buy a junky "Versace" and a good quality "Versace", both made in Hong Kong.

I have some Persian swords, but would not touch any "Revival" ones.

This one, as was already mentioned, is attached to a totally-unsuitable handle. IMHO, this is a "mix-and-match" creation of a relatively recent arrangement of available cheap spare parts.

Sorry for being harsh, but an honest question deserves an equally honest answer.
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