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Nicely done Novels!!! thank you for the respectful and courteous observation concerning avoiding evaluations and pricing and for directing those details to private message.
These are an extremely attractive grouping of these fascinating Maghribi janbiyya forms, known of course as koummya. What is best is that while they are modern examples, they reflect distinctly unique variations which are often decorated with inherent tradition and symbolism.

I think my favorite of the ones you have acquired is the one with the coral. As always, I wonder more on the lore behind the selection and use of the various gemstones on these here and in Ottoman weapons.

Fascinating examples shown by Dom and Martin as well, and it seems that while the koummya's typically found in collections are not usually very old, there are profound variations in decoration, motif and subtle anomalies in the design features. Are there references which might address these which might note regional or tribal characteristics? Any particular references or works which would focus keenly on these and related Maghrebi weapons?

I know Tirri presents distinctly useful illustrations of these, and there are a good number shown in Jacob (text in French), but I would like to learn more on the history and variations of these daggers.
Any chance we might develop this a bit on this thread gentlemen? You guys have really piqued my interest with these delightful examples!!!

All the best,
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