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Originally Posted by kai
Hello Henk,

Thanks for sharing this - I have a sweet spot or odd pieces!

Is there any hint that the blade may be European?

The base resembles Indian swords and it may be an attempt to integrate a foreign blade into a Moro kris rather than being a repair...

The pommel is also unusual (or rather unique AFAIK).

Despite the patina and based on workmanship, I'm inclined to believe that this piece represents a later attempt (turn of the 19th century?) rather than an older style.



My pleasure to share it with you all.

There is no hint that the blade might be European. It has no marks or anything else that could be identified. If such a mark was present i certainly would have made a picture of it.

The blade fits the base with tang like a blade fits into its scabbard. It could be a repair or using, as suggested a foreign blade into a Moro kris.

But, to be honest, i haven't the slightest idea about it. I hope to get some more information from our knowledgeable forummembers.
As mentioned both edges are still rather sharp. Holding it in my hands i'm convinced it is in battle a nasty weapon.
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