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On top:
Two good close-ups of the notably swamped muzzle section of the round wrought iron barrel;

Three contemporary sources of illustration;

- ca. 1450;

- Eberhard Windeck, Das Buch von Kaiser Sigismund (illuminated manuscript, Sotheby's, 7.7.2009;
folio 140r, The battle of Kratzau, with Hans von Polenz (the captain of the Silesian army) and his forces overwhelming those of the Hussites and their armored carriages in a bloody battle (11 November 1429);
illustrations from the workshop of Diebold Lauber,
ca. 1445-50


- Tiller guns, ca. 1450; from:
Martial d'Auvergne, Vigiles de Charles VII, king 1422-61.

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