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Hi Jim,

Please don't misunderstand me, your comments, including the 'devils advocate' ones are appreciated and taken in the spirit of learning.

I try to remain pragmatic about these things, the sword, or its parts are likely to be 200 plus years old (older than the founding document of my country!). That is a lot of time for things to happen that are difficult to unravel and I purchased it mostly because it appealed to me as an oddity. The possible Scottish connection is a nice touch because it brings us a tiny fraction closer to who the original owner might have been.

Regarding the iron scabbard, maybe the officer ordered two but the leather one was lost or didn't survive?

I have asked Richard if I can post his photo here, but he has not replied to my message so I will wait.

However, yes, one sword (a backsword with three narrow fullers) has a ladder hilt and an iron scabbard while the other is a broadsword (double-edged with a single short fuller) with a boat-shell hilt and a leather scabbard. Both are more 'Scottish' looking blades than is usual of the 1796 pattern heavy cavalry swords. Richard commented that the dress sword is reasonably balanced and that blades were often cut down when re-hilted.

This was posted in reply to my post about this sword on the Antique Sword Forum that he moderates.
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