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Guys, these are all totally amazing swords! and Bryce and Will I was glad to see you guys come in as you are pretty much specialized in this field of British regulation swords.

I see what you mean Bryce, on the heirloom blade thing, and the fullering is remarkably similar except for the extra 'flute' at ricasso. What puzzles me, beyond the pristine appearance of the blade, is that the width and length seem to correspond to the 1796 heavy cavalry blade size......enough to 'appear' to fit this regulation pattern neatly.

The heirloom blades, which would have dated pre 1746, seem a bit more slender as backswords if I am not mistaken.

The M1788 is outstanding Bryce! I had one of these many years ago, but the pommel had been replaced with a spherical one that seemed from a much earlier rapier, the blade was huge, 40" long! Wish I still had it.
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