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Austro Hungarian stuff gets confusing because the weapons are rather interpolated, and Austrian patterns seem to prevail for most as far as military. Wagner "Cut and Thrust Weapons", Prague ,1967 is the best source for these kinds of weapons. It seems this reference is not widely held here, though it does appear to be available. I got my copy (which is huge, not easily managed in this RV!) in about 1969, and have about worn it out!

The first is the M1869 cavalry troopers saber (p.356, pl. 54).

The second M1877, (p.358., pl.56) which is marked Joh. Zelinka Wien
and is described as 'leichter gattung' (=lighter edition).

It seems these sabers were used in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry which of course remained active through WWI. There were occasions too of their being mounted police, so these swords were certainly actively worn, at least the troopers versions.
The officers of course had more dress type sabers, and the lighter version M1877 was probably a parade weapon as well with lighter blade.

Resources cited:
"Adjustierungs und Ausrustungsvor schrift fur das K.K. Heer"
-Vienna, 1878 p.185
"Instruktransbuchfur die Einjahrig Freiwillen",
-Vienna, 1912 Vol.II, pl. X\
These are presumably both by Dolleczek.

These names listed at the forte are not makers, but outfitter/cutler/suppliers in Vienna, so do not appear in the listings for makers.
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