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Originally Posted by David
...Please keep in mind that function need not be a physically one. It could be a spiritual or esorteric function as well. It could be the function of the empu "signing" his work as well, though i do tend to see this as more of a recent concept (19 & 20C) as Alan remarked. And even then it is not the form of the greneng itself that is unique to various empus, but the style in which it is rendered that becomes the "signature". The form it takes (DhaDha) is fairly cosistent and is still not explained. So the question remains, why this form? Why the letter Dha, if that is what it represents? Does this letter, have a specific meaning in the culture, spiritual or otherwise. In the Hebrew alphabet, for instance, each letter translates as a particular word which in turn has even deeper spiritual meaning. Could such a system be in play here?

Thanks, David. I think your explanation is indeed very useful to us to continue the discussion in a positive way. Of course I must agree with your opinion on this...
Originally Posted by David
I think we should leave discussion of the sekar kacang to another thread.

Yes, I think we must continue the discussion on greneng in this thread...

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