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Default On matter of opinions

Originally Posted by Philip
...I've also believed that Daehhardt's enthusiasm for the "Portuguese brake" is rather exuberant, perhaps tinged with a lot of national pride. My tendency is to agree with our friend Udo, who says in his post that it doesn't seem to be better than the dog catch used elsewhere in Europe...

Yes, my mentioning his exuberant mode was a way to imply that a spiced statement was to be considered.
Obviously the concept of best, besides being passive of a determined context, is limited to how wide is your information to cover everything of the kind and, even so, your claim that something is the best ... is in the least subjective.
I have an old dog lock blunderbuss. Checking on its mechanism and reading opinions out there i came HERE. (read as from post #29) and rehearsed a little brainstorm where the dog lock system was not denied to (also) have its Achilles' heel.
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