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Thumbs up At last ... a blunderbuss with a bronze barrel

Now, what do we have here ?
The barrel could (could) be a typical British one; that mark on the top could be an erased proof mark ... although being British, should have a set of marks, note an isolated one.
The lock, Portuguese no doubt, with that frizzen spring ... and no only. Front and side plates 'unusually' in brass.
One (important) detail to digest; the name "VIANNA" engraved in the side plate. The fact that it is placed on such place, and with that 'stylized' font, could (could) make us think it is the name of the owner and not of the smith. But this is no more than an easy conclusion. In my Viterbo work, comes listed a Vianna, active in Oporto 1822, well known for having invented a musket lock 'not of flint nor of percussion caps' and a rest for the dog. Could he be the same one ?
You will notice that, the stock is in the British style, bit its elaborate carving work is one practiced by Portuguese smiths.
Noticeable also are the (apparently) stock offset alignment and the provided suspension ring.
The bayonet is gone; in my judgement, deliberately extracted by the owner, due to these things lack of practicability; not so worried about this, though.
Amazing that, the name Viana is also my family one; reason why my local fellow collector, who first saw this piece in an auction, declined its acquisition in my favor.
Any comments, Gentlemen ?

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