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Udo, if your interest extends to those guns made by court artisans for the Spanish royals from late 17th through early 19th cent., here is a beautiful and informative book:

Catálogo de arcabucería madrileña 1697-1833 (Catalog of Madrid gunmaking )
by Álvaro Soler del Campo, 2007

An exhibition catalog for a 2007 showing, "Treasures of Fire: the craft of Madrid gunsmiths in the 18th century". Of course it is not restricted to pistols although there are several examples, along with eprouvettes, that are the ultimate of Spanish gunmaking, which for the era and the consuming audience was stylistically indebted to the French aesthetic. The book has a large appendix featuring the punzones, signatures, and biographical summaries of the court gunsmiths.

With some diligent searching and luck you can no doubt find a copy on the used-book market. I located my copy online through a listing site used by dealers.
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