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Originally Posted by Pinoy Blade Hunter
... i thought this was the 'weapon' grade panabas. because there were other bigger panabas-type blades there but with bamboo handles and with wire wrapping. that to me looked more like agricultural implements. ...
The usual weapon forms are indeed quite large and often heavy. In combat they were often a "mopping up" weapon used to dispatch wounded enemy. They could also be used as "heavy assault" weapons but the weight of some of these would prohibit "dueling" unless the person was extremely strong and skilled. There are lighter combat versions too. The double-edged padsumbalim variant usually has a lighter blade and might serve hand-to-hand combat better.

Panabas were also used for ceremonial and execution purposes, and for administering harsh penalties such as the removal of a hand for convicted thieves, although I think these uses have been somewhat over stated and relate mainly to practices prior to WWII.

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