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Originally Posted by Michael Blalock
Ibrahiim, I agree that these don't look exactly like any other hilt in Arabia, though one could argue that they are not too far from the Omani "battle sword" when it is fully dressed and the scabbards have very similar hardware. The photos I have posted above include every one of these swords I have seen. The one from Oriental-Arms may be the same as the one from Sotheby's. If not, out of seven swords, three that I know were definitely found in Yemen and the Oriental-Arms sword is described as Yemeni. That's four out of seven. As we say in the US. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
Is there any record of this style of hilt to be found anywhere else in the world besides a sword collection? If anyone has any other photos I would love to see them.

Salaams Michael, Again I would not disagree with the suggestion of linkage..and in fact I point in support of that to your own detail posted on Yemeni/Omani Swords at Forum where you note the potential link

Quote" "Mir-i-Arab Madrasa (1535) The Mir-i-Arab madrassah with the mosque Bukhara's main kosh ensemble. Under the left dome are buried Ubaydullah Khan (one of the first Bukharan royal not to have his own mausoleum) and Sheikh Mir-i-Arab after whom the madrasa is named. He is variously described as an architect, a Yemeni merchant, and "spiritual mentor of the early Sheibanids".Unquote.

I agree also that the two styles look similar in basic make up but that on the one hand the Bukhara appears as much later whereas the Omani Battle Sword is ancient. I recall at a Forum a picture I cant find...I think you posted a photo from Sanaa museum with Mamluke variants of not too distant style to the Bukhara...and not to confuse the issue it should be noted that the Mamluke link goes back through time and holds hands with the Abbasiid with whom I connect the design to the original Omani Battle Sword a very long time ago...but that is another story...

In conclusion I think this is a very interesting thread with a variety of outcomes though I stand somewhat with one foot in the Bukhara camp and the other in the Yemeni ... This is, however, no ordinary Duck.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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