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Originally Posted by Spiridonov
Thank you, Michael! It seems that the barrel and the nail is not a one piece

Hi Alexander,

Again great minds think alike (and so do ours ...)

That's exactly correct im my eyes but you put it into better words than I did; when I said that the "hook" was just an old nail I meant that it was attached to the wood only and not integrally wrought to the barrel.

Thank you and best wishes as ever,
- and of course I'm looking forward to seeing you soon in my collection, my Russian friend - and I'm admitting counting the weeks!!!

Gratefully it seems like a widely scattered pouplation of a few whales drifting around in endless oceans and bearing in mind the same glowing interest finally gets together to meet for mating !!!!!!!!!! NOW AIN'T THAT CUTE?!

Actually I own this beautiful saying to one of our forum's founding members and my good fathering friend: Ed!

Hi 'Nando,

I would be extremely glad to be able and welcome you next as the two of us have proved to be actual mind mates on both the cannon and heart ( SWEETLY PURRING CATS!!!) track!

Thank ya all so much out there,
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