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Hi Gene/Jim,
All the swords illustrated here are sold items gleaned from the site. All have the word Tegha in their description and only one is described as over 2 inches wide and in this case I suspect not by much. Blade lengths vary from 25 inches up to 35 inches. I would not normally or necessarily have associated these blades with the term Tegha but my knowledge is limited. As has been noted the Tulwar that is the subject of this post is most certainly a fighting sword extremely sharp and showing signs of use where one would expect and not the bearing/ceremonial/execution? item that I would normally associate with the description of Tegha. I look forward to further input with interest.
My regards to you both,

P.S. The three swords with the D-guards have the longer blades 29-35 inches with only one of the others similar at 30 inches, I'm not aware whether this has any significance or not.
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