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Originally Posted by Norman McCormick
Hi Gene,
Thanks for your kind comments. It certainly looks like differential hardening, there is a scarf weld halfway up the blade and the activity in the blade is much easier to see in real life so things are looking pretty good. I too love the shape and it feels good so am desperate to have a go on a watermelon but I won't. The etching will have to wait, I'm in an apartment now, will ask my friend if I can use his garage. Thanks again.
My Regards,

P.S. Don't think it is right for a Tegha, but will wait on the 'expert India wallah's' for an opinion.

Hi Norman,

It's a beauty, I'd love it myself!
I'd have guessed a date of about 1780 (ish). As has been said already, it has the look of a good 'fighting mans' sword.

Tegha! Hmm, I think it will depend who you ask TBH. A few years ago, I doubt anyone would have even pondered if it should be called a Tegha as the term seemed reserved for those giant ceremonial things.
As I said to Jim, I find it a useful term but will have to leave it for others to decide the validity.

I'll be interested to hear what the specialist collectors of this stuff say and see if there is a cultural divide in terminology.

As I said above, I'd call it a 'Tegha Tulwar' to indicate a broad heavy curved blade somewhat wider than is usual for a Tulwar but on the narrower/straighter range for a Tegha.
I'll have a dig and see if I can illustrate.

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